Well, what would you think about reviving my suggestion to incentivize
"capturing" land units with a healthy financial reward?


On Tue, Jun 12, 2018 at 7:55 PM, Reuben Staley <reuben.sta...@gmail.com>

> In compliance with rule 2004, I run land auctions (almost) every Agoran
> Week. However, I am not to run them if the number of Units of Private Land
> is less than one half the total number of Units of Land. And with five land
> units auctioned off each week, we are rapidly approaching that ratio. This
> is obviously a problem, since once we reach it, there will be no more land
> auctions, and with barely any rules in place to ensure a continuous
> recycling of land units back to Agora, the ownership of land will basically
> freeze.
> I believe the way to fix this lies in a system that automatically
> transfers the least useful LUs from their owners back to Agora every week
> if the number of Units of Private Land is greater than one half the total
> number of Units of Land. This would keep the number of Units of Private
> Land at a nice equilibrium, hovering around one half ownership.
> The problem is that I have no idea how such a system would choose land
> units to give back to Agora. Okay, I actually have one idea, but it would
> require lots of calculation. For the sake of discussion, I'll describe it
> here.
> Each Unit has a land value which is calculated each week based on a number
> of factors. The value would increase for each level the facility build on
> it had, for each adjacent land unit of the same color, etc.. The value
> would decrease if the person that owned it was no longer a player, or if no
> change had occured for some set time. Each unit with a value of whatever
> the minimum of the set of land unit values is, is transferred to Agora for
> auctioning.
> Like I said, that would be a crazy amount of calculation, so I'm not sure
> how practical it really is.
> Please leave suggestions. We need to fix this before we reach that one
> half mark.
> --
> Trigon

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