Leaving the paper framework for a possible repurposing seems like a better
idea to me. Nobody would make paper while it would be useless, so the
economy would not be affected.


On Thu, Jul 5, 2018 at 8:20 AM, Reuben Staley <reuben.sta...@gmail.com>

> This would be fine but it completely nullifies paper. A better way to do
> this while preserving the economy would be to get rid of paper and looms
> then add lumber to the list of unrefinable resources. Also, everyone gets
> paper once a month so participation in the economy is completely optional
> still. And if anyone somehow uses up all their paper, I can just give you
> some. Though that's not going to happen anytime soon because paper is being
> consumed slower than it's being produced. All in all, there are quite a few
> things wrong with this proposal that would prevent me from voting for it.
> On Wed, Jul 4, 2018, 23:58 Aris Merchant <thoughtsoflifeandlight17@
> gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > I've gotten sick and tired of restrictions being placed on gameplay to
> > force people into economies. I have no objection to the economy
> > affecting ordinary play, but it should be truly optional. I love how
> > these days people CFJ whenever they have a concern, without worrying
> > about it cutting into their reserves. Proposals are a contribution to
> > the game. Most of them try to make gameplay better for everyone. We
> > should not discourage people from contributing; if anything, we should
> > reward them.
> >
> > This is deliberately minimal. I'm leaving paper in place to allow it
> > to be repurposed for something else. People should not spam proposals,
> > so my proposals allows five pends per week. The Promotor gets another
> > five for other people's proposals, on the assumption that e will use
> > them to pend proposals that players have forgotten to pend, or if
> > another player legitimately bumps into eir cap.
> >
> > I submit the following proposal. I'm going to pend it unless someone
> > finds a technical problem, or we decide on a better solution to the
> > paper situation.
> >
> > -Aris
> > ---
> > Title: Free Proposals
> > Adoption index: 1.0
> > Author: Aris
> > Co-authors:
> >
> > Change Rule 2445, "How to Pend a Proposal", to read in full:
> >
> >   Imminence is a switch, tracked by the Promotor, possessed by
> >   proposals in the Proposal Pool, whose value is either "pending" or
> >   "not pending" (default).
> >
> >   Any player CAN flip a specified proposal's imminence to "pending"
> >   by announcement, but cannot use this method more than five times
> >   each week. The first five proposals pended by the Promotor of which e
> >   is not the author do not count against eir weekly limit.
> >

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