On the plus side, speeding up all aspects of the game is surprisingly
easy.  Just re-write or override Rule 1023 (Agoran Time, power-2) to
indicate that time in the sandbox moves X times faster than baseline
time (a pain to recordkeep, but conceptually easy and seamless).

[It's come up a couple times in the last year or so that the concept
of time in Agora is surprisingly vulnerable to corruption compared
to some of the other things protected at high power].

On Mon, 29 Oct 2018, Kerim Aydin wrote: 
> The general idea of a sandbox isn't a bad one.  But I don't think
> "making and destroying a copy of Agora" is straightforward if you
> intent that the copy starts with the same players/gamestate.
> The first red flag to me is that this drafts current players into a 
> sandbox Agora (i.e. a new agreement) without their consent, which
> would need to override R869 (power-3).
> It would also draft the Officers without consent (I assume you'd
> expect Officers to do double-duty?), contrary to R1006.
> It's also pretty clear that you can't override the PF, at least not
> at power-1.  Whether or not a message is "assumed to be intended"
> for the sandbox, if you post a move to a PF, there's no way of
> stopping it from being a message to the original Agora without
> overriding R478 (also power-3).
> Finally, if a copy of Agora is created, it comes with a copy of
> Rule 1698 (Agora Is A Nomic, power=4) which would prevent it from
> ceasing to exist at the end of the week (or ever).
> On Mon, 29 Oct 2018, Gaelan Steele wrote:
> > Title: Break the Rules Week
> > Power: 1
> > 
> > The _th week of _ is known as Break the Rules Week.
> > 
> > At the beginning of Break the Rules Week, a copy of Agora, known as the 
> > Sandbox, is created; the copy does not include this rule. Within this rule, 
> > Agora refers only to the original copy, and not to the Sandbox.
> > 
> > This rule governs the Sandbox, and no rules or other legal instruments in 
> > the Sandbox can override this rule. Actions taken in the Sandbox CANNOT 
> > affect Agora in any way, except for as specified by this rule or other 
> > rules in Agora.
> > 
> > If a forum is public in both Agora and the Sandbox, messages to the forum 
> > are assumed to be intended for the Sandbox unless specified otherwise. [Can 
> > we do this at Power 1?] Players SHOULD NOT send messages to Agora during 
> > Break the Rules Week.
> > 
> > At the end of Break the Rules Week, the Sandbox ceases to exist.
> > 
> > [Rough idea: a time to have fun with scams that would make such a big mess 
> > that we wouldn’t want to try them in the “real” Agora. TODO: A way to speed 
> > up proposals so that we can create and pass them within the week.]
> > 
> > Gaelan

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