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So I've been working on the space proposal some more. It's taken me a lot longer than I 
thought it would, but I've made a ton of progress. I still have that feeling that there's 
something super important I've missed, but I can't think of it. Of course, this 
"update" doesn't really include any more features, but I still want to get the 
core working first. There's a changelog at the bottom, by the way.

Title: "spaaace? v0.2"
AI: 1
Author: ATMunn
Co-author(s): [probably lots of people]

Enact a new rule entitled "Sectors", with power 1.0 and the following
        Sector Count is an untracked singleton switch, which is always the
        number of active players plus two.

Can just be "The Sector Count is equal to the number of active players plus two. 
        Imminent Sector is an singleton switch, tracked by the Spacekeepor,
        defaulting to 1. Every time a player receives a Welcome Package, the
        Imminent Sector is increased by one. If the Imminent Sector ever is
        greater than the current Sector Count, it is instead set to 1.
        [does this rule even work like I want it to?]

Enact a new rule entitled "The Spacekeepor", with power 1.0 and the
following text:
        The Spacekeepor [name suggestions?] is an office; its holder is the
        recordkeepor of space. [I don't know if the second clause is even
        necessary but it sounds cool]

Sure, if nobody has anything better.

        The Spacekeepor's Weekly Report shall include:
        1. all players' Spaceship switches;
        2. the current Imminent Sector;
        3. a list of which players are in which sectors; and
        4. all space battles that have occured since the last report.

IIRC you don’t need to mention switches (they are already tracked by the 
Don’t need to require listing players in sectors, that’s already a switch
Redundancy is nice. But idk maybe I'll take it out.


Enact a new rule entitled "Spaceships", with power 1.0 and the following
    Each active player has a set of Switches, collectively known as
        Spaceship switches, all tracked by the Spacekeepor. Each of the
        following is a Spaceship switch, with its possible values being any
        integer in the specified range:

Probably a good idea for switches not to go away when a player becomes inactive.
Probably, I just don't want players fighting against their zombies.

        Sector, with an inclusive range of 1 to the current Sector Count;

    Energy, with an inclusive range of 0 to 20; and
        Armour, with an inclusive range of 0 to 10.
        A player with a particular Sector value is considered to be "in"
        said Sector.
        Any player CAN, by announcement, increase eir Armour by 1 at any
        time, spending a coin to do so. This is called Repairing.
        A player with an Armour switch of 0 is considered to be Defeated.
        Defeated players CANNOT flip any of eir Spaceship switches except

Enact a new rule entitled "Energy", with power 1.0 and the following text:
        Whenever a player's Energy switch is increased by an amount, that
        player is said to have gained that amount of Energy; likewise, when
        a player's Energy is decreased by an amount, that player is said to
        have lost (syn. spent) that amount of Energy. [is this necessary?]
        Any player CAN, by announcement, gain 2 Energy at any time, as long
        as e has not done so in the last 24 hours. Any player also CAN, by
        announcement, gain any amount of Energy, spending twice that amount
        in coins to do so, regardless of the last time e gained energy. If
        doing either of these actions would put the player's Energy above
        20, then eir Energy is instead set to 20.
        At any time, any player CAN, by announcement, change eir Sector,
        spending an amount of Energy equivalent to the difference between
        eir current Sector and the new Sector. This is known as moving to a
        Sector. An attempt to move to a Sector outside the range of possible
        Sector values is INEFFECTIVE and no Energy is lost. A player CANNOT
        move if eir Energy is 0.

“At any time” is unnecessary.


Enact a new rule entitled "Space Battles", with power 1.0 and the
following text:
    A player in the same Sector as another player CAN, by announcement,
        engage in a Space Battle with the other player as long as neither
        -is currently Defeated;
        -has engaged in a Space Battle in the last 24 hours; or
        -has fewer than 2 Energy.

What if they’re currently in a space battle?
Good point.

    After the start of a Space Battle, both players involved CAN, and
        SHALL in a timely fashion, announce the SHA-512 hash of the amount
        of Energy e wishes to spend in the battle. Players are ENCOURAGED to
        add extra text to what they hash to prevent memorization of hashes,
        as long as the amount is still clear.

    Once both players in a Space Battle have announced a hash, each
        player then CAN, and SHALL in a timely fashion, announce the
        original text that e hashed. Once both players have done this, each
        player then loses the amount of Energy e specified, or if this
        amount would put eir Energy below 0, eir Energy is set to 0. Each
        player's Armour is also reduced by the amount of Energy eir opponent
        lost. The Space Battle is then over.

This means a Space Battle can take up to two weeks (timely fashion = a week). 
Also, there’s no rule saying that you can only spend energy you have—I can just 
say “1000” and win. Also, make sure people can’t “double spend” by announcing 
their energy for a space battle, then running off to the other side of the 
Yeah, not sure on the whole time limit thing. Also, you can't just put 1000 and win or whatever. Damage is only dealt based on the amount lost, not the amount specified. And yeah, I should make it so players in a space battle can't move.

        Failing to announce either a hash or the original text in a timely
        fashion is the class-2 crime of Being a Bad Space Captain.
        After a Space Battle is over, if either player's Armour was reduced
        by more than the other player's, the one whose Armour was reduced by
        the least is declared the Winner, and the other player the Loser.

Enact a new rule entitled "Fame", with power 1.0 and the following text:
    Every player has a Fame switch, with possible values being all
    integers between -10 and 10. Players with positive Fame are Famous,
    and those with negative Fame are Infamous.

    If a player is the Winner in a Space Battle against an Infamous
    player, eir Fame is increased by 1. Likewise, if a player is the
    Winner in a Space Battle against a Famous player or one with a Fame
    of 0, eir Fame is decreased by 1.
        If a player's Fame is ever increased above 10, it is instead set to
        10. Likewise, if it is ever decreased below -10, it is instead set
        to -10.
        Any player whose Fame is either 10 or -10 CAN win the game With 2
        Days Notice.

Amend rule 2499 "Welcome Packages" by appending the following text:
        A player who has just received a Welcome Package also has eir Energy
        set to 15, eir Armour set to 20, and eir Sector set to the current
        Imminent Sector.

This is a bit awkward—someone can avoid being in a sector by never getting a 
welcome package.
Yeah, dunno about that one. I mean, I do kinda feel like it should be an optional game. But not being in a sector but still having other switches would be a bit weird.


Set the Energy of each player to 15.
Set the Armour of each player to 20.
For each active player, going in alphabetical order, do the following:
-Set eir Sector to the current Imminent Sector
-Increase the Imminent Sector by 1, setting it to 1 if it would go over
the current Sector Count.

I kinda feel like this should be random instead of alphabetical, but I’m not sure it’s actually necessary.Randomness in Agora is a hassle, I feel. If you have a better idea of
how to mix it up, then go ahead.

Make [sombody] the Spacekeepor.



General Changes
-Basically rewrote everything
-Added version number
-Added powers to the rules
-Made spaceships a set of switches
-Added the Spacekeepor for keeping track of space
-Welcome packages set spaceship switches
-Everybody gets their spaceship switches set

-Changed Sectors to be the number of active players plus two
-Players can move to the sector number above or below their current one
-New switch called Imminent Sector, basically makes new players not
start in the same sector as everybody else

-Power is now Energy
-Energy is used for movement as well as battle
-Energy can be gained every day, or coins can be spent to gain extra

-New switch, Armour, which is essentially the spaceship's health
-Armour can be Repaired by 1 by spending 2 coins
-Destroyed is no longer a switch, instead players with 0 Armour are

Space Battles
-Players can no longer space battle if they have been in a space battle
in the last 24 hours
-Players can no longer space battle if either of them has fewer than 2
-Bidding on amount of Energy spent is now only done once, with a hash
-No more deadline for announcing a hash

-Win condition for fame of 10 or -10; players must give 2 days notice

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