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- With N Agoran Consent, where N is an integer multiple of 0.1 with a
  minimum of 1. ("With Consent" is shorthand for this method with N =

"With Agoran Consent". Consent has other meanings so not good to leave it out.


This seems a lot more verbose than the current phrasing, just to make it use switches...

Opinion is an untracked [active?] player-intent pair switch, with possible values Neutral (default), Supporting, and Objecting. A player CAN flip any of eir opinion switches to any value by announcement, except that they CANNOT flip it to Supporting or Objecting if it has previously held that value.


RESOLVING DEPENDENT ACTIONS (retitle 2124, Agoran Satisfaction)

A player (the performer) CAN, by announcement, perform a dependent action for which an intent exists, subject to the following conditions:

This makes the authorizing Rule much less prominent in the mechanism (to the point of not even mentioning it). Currently it's the authorizing Rule which actually _allows_ the actions, with the dependent action rules only providing definition.

I worry that this CAN may mess up precedence, e.g. by applying with the full power of rule 2124, even if the authorizing rule has much lower power.

This shouldn’t change any function—I just changed some things to take advantage of modern Agoran concepts.

You removed the provision from rule 1728 that the actor (um, I thought that term was supposed to have been amended to "performer") SHOULD publish a list of supporters and objectors.

You removed several provisions from rule 2124:
* The provision that allows the authorizing document to restrict who can
  support or object to an intent. Not sure if that's used anywhere
  currently, I suppose that was intended for contracts and the like.
* The provision that the action cannot be performed less than 24 hours
  after an objection is withdrawn, which is an anti-scam measure.
* The Speaker's temporary veto (although with the recent CFJ that seems a
  bit neutered).


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