Latest zombie auction has just self-ratified with last week's
registrar report of Master switches, so no back-calculations needed
here.  [Also, I only noticed this a day or so ago, when looking at
the rules behind the Gaelan/nichdel scam - just to make it clear that
my deputy-Registrar Report was not Faking].

The issue:

Master Switches are Secured-2 (R2532).  In late April, the text 
enabling Agora to flip the master switch to the auction winner was
moved from R1885 (power-2) to R2551 (power-1).

It was the "Agora CAN do anything" sentence.  Now that it's removed,
I don't think there's any text anywhere that allows Agora to transfer
zombies to winners?  (Maybe I'm missing it...?)

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