On Wed, 14 Nov 2018, Edward Murphy wrote:
> ATMunn wrote:
> > > 8131  天火狐, twg          2.0   V.J. Rada Protection Act
> > PRESENT, what's this about?
> As I understand it, V.J. Rada returned to the game in the middle of
> being auctioned as a zombie, and was/is currently unable to stop the
> auction from finishing and the winner from pilfering eir assets.

This is true.  V.J. Rada flipped eir master switch to emself after eir
zombie auction started.  But e didn't (nor did anyone else) explicitly
terminate the auction.  Termination can't be done after the auction
ends "normally", so currently I'm breaking the rules because I didn't
pay my winning bid for em, and V.J. Rada is at risk were I to decide
to pay.  (I thought about paying for em and looting, but the additional
uncertainty of whether zombie auctions work at all means it would make
a mess, plus I think I bid higher than eir assets are worth).

So this proposal makes zombie auction termination automatic under these 

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