> On Jan 10, 2019, at 1:17 PM, Kerim Aydin <ke...@uw.edu> wrote:
> I terminate this auction, as per R2552.
> I CFJ:  The zombie auction for January 2019 has been terminated.

Gratuitous counterarguement:

The CFJ is FALSE, because a necessary implication of the Rules is that Agora 
CAN transfer a zombie pursuant to a properly initiated Rule 1885 zombie 

Under Rule 2545 (power=2), “An Auction is a way for entities to give away items 
in exchange for a currency.”  By necessarily implication, if a Rule with high 
enough power authorizes some player to initiate an auction with a particular 
item as a lot, then that Rule also necessarily authorizes that player to 
initiate a process that would “give away [that] item[] in exchange for a 
currency.”  That’s what an auction _is_ under the Rules.

Under Rule 1885 (power=2), at the start of the month, “the Registrar CAN put 
[a] zombie [that meets certain conditions] (along with any other zombies that 
fulfill the same conditions) up for auction.”  By necessary implication, read 
in conjunction with Rule 2545, that means that a zombie can be transferred 
pursuant to that auction. Otherwise it wouldn’t be an auction at all—a way of 
transferring an item for currency. It would be something else entirely. 

This interpretation is consistent with the best interests of the game and 
ordinary language. There’s no reason to adopt a contrary interpretation, which 
would break auctions and zombies. 

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