> On Jan 16, 2019, at 3:48 AM, Timon Walshe-Grey <m...@timon.red> wrote:
> Even if I made that pledge, nobody would trust me, and rightly so.

FWIW, I would trust you if you made that pledge.

Theoretically, the pledge has a loophole if you’re the Referee, since you could 
decide any pointer finger regarding that pledge yourself. To make the pledge 
more airtight, you could also pledge that, if you remain as Referee at the time 
any finger is pointed for an alleged violation of the pledge, you would appoint 
the holder of the Arbitor’s office to act on your behalf to be investigator. 
(If you broke THAT pledge, I think that would be a violation related to your 
duties as referee, which the Arbitor could then investigate be announcement.)

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