Actually, the Registrar did deregister you a couple of weeks ago. There just 
hasn't been a report since then.


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On Tuesday, January 29, 2019 2:58 PM, Telnaior <> wrote:

> The following is my Cantus Cygneus, to be published by the Registrar in
> a timely fashion:
> Alright, so let's get one thing straight here. I haven't actually been
> playing this game in MONTHS. Yeah, sure, the whole zombie system has
> been keeping me alive for a little while, but did you notice my resale
> value is 0 now? I'm so dramatically rotted away that you can't even use
> me for anything! And despite that, I'm still on the Directory,
> registered as a player.
> Wait, what's that? The rules say the Registrar SHALL try to deregister
> me every month I haven't been active? Huh, can you believe that this
> hasn't been happening in direct violation of the rules, even when my
> resale was already 0? Can you believe the former Registrar outright
> resigned instead in order to shirk eir duty? Can you believe, even
> though literally ANYONE here could deregister me with mere notice at
> this point, no one actually has? Here I was hoping to come back with the
> obligatory "am I a player" CFJ, only to find out that I'm still a
> player! It's ridiculous, and it's not even funny.
> Honestly, this makes me mad. Doubly mad because if I were to deregister
> by announcement, I'd have to wait around a full month before I could
> come back. So let's do it this way - it gets the point across and lets
> me skip the timer (at least as long as the current Registrar actually
> bothers to do their job and not flagrantly violate the rules for once)
> Are we clear? Good. You're lucky I didn't throw in a couple of
> paragraphs from the Automatic Complaint Letter Generator, this situation
> feels so absurd that you all probably deserve it. >:(

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