I register as a player.

The following is my Cantus Cygneus, to be published by the Registrar in a timely fashion:

Alright, so let's get one thing straight here. I haven't actually been playing this game in MONTHS. Yeah, sure, the whole zombie system has been keeping me alive for a little while, but did you notice my resale value is 0 now? I'm so dramatically rotted away that you can't even use me for anything! And despite that, I'm still on the Directory, registered as a player.

Wait, what's that? The rules say the Registrar SHALL try to deregister me every month I haven't been active? Huh, can you believe that this hasn't been happening in direct violation of the rules, even when my resale was already 0? Can you believe the former Registrar outright resigned instead in order to shirk eir duty? Can you believe, even though literally ANYONE here could deregister me with mere notice at this point, no one actually has? Here I was hoping to come back with the obligatory "am I a player" CFJ, only to find out that I'm still a player! It's ridiculous, and it's not even funny.

Honestly, this makes me mad. Doubly mad because if I were to deregister by announcement, I'd have to wait around a full month before I could come back. So let's do it this way - it gets the point across and lets me skip the timer (at least as long as the current Registrar actually bothers to do their job and not flagrantly violate the rules for once)

Are we clear? Actually, no we're not. In fact, it turns out that I was deregistered two weeks ago, but the Registrar hasn't published a report since then. It turns out the current Registrar is also shirking eir duty, as the report due in the previous week has not materialised. This (even more flagrant) rules violation created the confusion that led to this being necessary in the first place, and I am not instilled with hope for the future of the Registrar's office.

You're all extra lucky I didn't throw in a couple of paragraphs from the Automatic Complaint Letter Generator, this situation feels so absurd that you all probably deserve it. >:(

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