So, in the past we've played with rules text to add something like "if a
rules violation is found to be instrumental in a win, the win fails, rules
to the contrary notwithstanding".  But somehow we never added it - and I
sort of remember that various wordings and processes we tried to come up
with threatened to cause more problems then they solved.

What do people think about making this the Herald's call (of course with
feedback) - that is, make a "cheating" category on the Scroll for such
things, not listing the "official" type of win, and maybe implying in the
scroll that these are less desirable?  This is a similar principle to one
win being listed as "via ratification" (it was an attempt to win by another
method that failed, but the facts accidentally self-ratified before the
failure was discovered).  Disadvantages I see are that it would be nigh-
impossible to apply this retroactively, and it might make "cheating" a win-
type that people actually try for.

A third option might be a process for revoking a Champion title with some
level of Consent (it can always be done by proposal of course).  That might
take some clean-up though, and of course the herald option or the revoke
option wouldn't affect follow-on bonuses like laurels.


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