Huh - I've never seen that used and forgot or didn't know it existed.  I
meant it in the wholly informal sense of "now the coin balances are the same
regardless of how I got there".

On 1/30/2019 2:50 PM, Gaelan Steele wrote:
It’s not clear if you meant for it to be one, but this isn’t a convergence in 
the rules sense—you need to designate it as one with 3 Consent.


On Jan 30, 2019, at 1:28 PM, Kerim Aydin <> wrote:

Coin Convergence:
I earn 5 coins for judging CFJ 3698.

On 1/30/2019 1:16 PM, Kerim Aydin wrote:
CFJ:  Prior to calling this CFJ, G. earned 5 coins for judging CFJ 3698.
R2496 reads in part:
  A player CAN earn the set of assets associated with a reward
  condition exactly once in a timely fashion each time e fulfills it
  by stating how many assets e earns as a result of this action.
      * Judging a CFJ that e was assigned to without violating a time
        limit to do so: 5 coins.
There's no public requirement whatsoever for "stating".  Therefore I note as
evidence, under penalty of No Faking, that immediately after submitting my
timely judgement for CFJ 3698 (and confirming that it had reached the
lists) but before beginning to compose this message, I stated out loud to
myself that I earned 5 coins for the judgement.

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