I've never looked up Wikipedia on Wikipedia, but it started 2001 (according
to Wikipedia).  Agora was 1993 (Rule 1727), so definitely older.

On 2/4/2019 3:12 PM, David Seeber wrote:
That sounds like the beginning of a thesis. But anyway.

In my opinion it’s Wikipedia mentioning them because they are still around. The 
easiest thing to do would be
        a. check the modification records from Wikipedia (I assume that's 
possible because it's all meant to be transparent, right?) and see when they 
were first mentioned
        b. Check when Wikipedia itself was founded. It's possible that Agora 
and BlogNomic are older than Wikipedia (anybody?)

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On Mon, 2019-02-04 at 23:05 +0000, David Seeber wrote:
Actually it was a good friend of mine who is a sort of board game
nerd. He has a little nomic which he plays with a few friends and
invited me to join in. Whilst checking out what nomics actually are, I
found the Wikipedia page, which talks about Agora being the biggest
nomic still running. And I thought, Hey... Why not?

Theory: the fact that Agora and BlogNomic are by far the longest- lasting 
nomics is connected to the fact that they're the only ones referenced from 
Wikipedia. (That said, the causality may be reversed, i.e. they may have been 
referenced from Wikipedia due to being long- lived rather than vice versa.)


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