You're good on the validity for the contest!

More broadly, during the win-by-Apathy glut in the fall, it came up that
dependent actions in general have this issue (A single announcement of
intent lets you perform the action as many times as you want, as long as the
intent dependencies (and other conditions) are met).

Is this bug or feature?  For the most part, it's just these sorts of Wins
that are affected.  Most other actions, I don't think you gain anything or
have a security hole - it's not like, say, repeatedly ratifying the same
document gets you anywhere or creates any game problems.  So other than for
some win conditions (which should be fixed for each win by appropriate
resets like your proposal), are there any places that this matters?


On 2/5/2019 2:34 AM, Cuddle Beam wrote:
Attn: Herald

- I retract the proposal below. (Because maybe its not valid to be
submitted because it’s already in transit to be fixed? I dunno.)
- I point out the loophole exposed below for the contest.
- I then submit the proposal below.

On Sat, 2 Feb 2019 at 09:38, Cuddle Beam <> wrote:

Closing up a loophole for winning a bajillion times via Space Battles,
because once you win via Fame, your Fame isn't reset. You can still win
again and again and again through it  - which I would've totally attempted
to do, but I heavily doubt I have the patience to reach 10/-10 Fame in the
first place anyways.

So, instead of possibly applauding me in the future for a clever loophole,
you can save the wait and applaud me now instead.

I make the following proposal:

Title: [Seductive yodeling noises]
Change "Any player whose Fame is either 10 or -10 CAN win the game With 2
Notice." to "Any player whose Fame is either 10 or -10 CAN Become One With
The Cosmos With 2 Days Notice

When a player Becomes One With The Cosmos, if their Fame is either 10 or
-10, their Fame is set to 0 and they win the game."

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