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> On Mon, 2019-02-18 at 03:31 +0000, James Cook wrote:
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> > > I submit and pend this proposal:
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> > What does "pend" mean?
> Agora often has a mechanism via which proposals mustn't be distributed
> unless they're pending. Typically pending them, when a pending
> mechanism exists, requires a payment or is limited in how often you can
> do it. The idea is either to keep proposal distributions smaller, or
> encourage players to think before proposing. (The "pend" and "submit"
> actions are separate for safety reasons, in order to prevent Agora
> dying as a result of nobody being able to submit proposals; generally
> speaking, proposals that have been submitted but aren't pending CAN
> still be distributed, but the Promotor isn't supposed to do so.)
> All pending mechanisms seem to have been repealed as of October last
> year, though, so right now it's just a meaningless word.


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