To be honest, in a tie situation I would have expected you'd have given it to both of them. :P

On 2019-02-27 02:02, Kerim Aydin wrote:
On 2/26/2019 2:59 AM, Madeline wrote:
> This actually untied the 3rd/4th race because twg had one primary vote to
> CB's zero, but CB's just tied that again so oh well!

Well, I kinda assumed 3rd was determined by re-evaluating the list order
after 1st and 2nd place winners were removed - that's not really well-
defined in the procedure (and what matters is how many people put CB ahead
of twg).  But also Gaelan's vote pulled Telnaior's out of conditional
status, so (assuming I'm not worrying about the length of the voting period)
we got:

D. Margaux: {Gaelan, Telnaior, twg, CuddleBeam}
ais523:     {Telnaior, Gaelan, CuddleBeam, twg}
twg:        {Gaelan, Telnaior, CuddleBeam, twg}
Falsifian:  {Gaelan, Telnaior, twg, CuddleBeam}
G.:         {Telnaior, Gaelan, CuddleBeam, twg}
Telnaior:   {Telnaior, Gaelan, CuddleBeam, twg}
Aris:       {twg, CuddleBeam, Telnaior, Gaelan}
Gaelan:     {Gaelan, CuddleBeam, Telainor, twg}
CuddleBeam: {CuddleBeam, Gaelan, Telainor, twg}

But this is by-the-by, as this was an advisory vote only.  Even before this
last round of late votes came in, I was thinking (in the event of a tie)
that I'd pick the person I didn't pick in my vote, thus tying my vote but
untying everyone's.

Final order whether I count late votes or not (no more votes please!):
      Gaelan, Telnaior, CuddleBeam, twg.

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