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On Wed, Feb 27, 2019 at 5:34 PM D. Margaux <> wrote:

> Pursuant to the Living Zombie contract, I hereby cause ATMunn to issue the
> Cabinet Order of Manifesto to distribute the below proposal, initiating the
> Agoran Decision of whether to adopt it, and removing it from the proposal
> pool. For this decision, the vote collector is the Assessor, the quorum is
> 5, the voting method is AI-majority, and the valid options are FOR and
> AGAINST (PRESENT is also a valid vote, as are conditional votes).
> Proposal ID: 8164
> Title: Correction to Agoran Satisfaction, Version 2.4
> Author: Falsifian
> Co-authors: ais523, D. Margaux, G., twg
> Adoption Index: 3.1
> Text:
> The gamestate, excluding the rules, is changed to what it would have
> been if the text of the following amendment to Rule 2124 had determined
> whether Agora was Satisfied with any intents attempted after Proposal
> 7815, rather than the text of what Rule 2124 was at that time. To the
> extent allowed by the rules, this change is designated as a convergence.
> Rule 2124 is amended by replacing its text with the following:
>      A Supporter of an intent to perform an action is an eligible
>      entity who has publicly posted (and not withdrawn) support (syn.
>      "consent") for an announcement of that intent. An Objector to an
>      intent to perform an action is an eligible entity who has publicly
>      posted (and not withdrawn) an objection to the announcement of
>      that intent.
>      The entities eligible to support or object to an intent to perform
>      an action are, by default, all players, subject to modification by
>      the document authorizing the dependent action. However, the
>      previous sentence notwithstanding, the initiator of the intent is
>      not eligible to support it.
>      Agora is Satisfied with an intent to perform a specific action
>      unless at least one of the following is true:
>      1. The action is to be performed Without N Objections, and there
>         are at least N Objectors to that intent.
>      2. The action is to be performed With N support, and there are
>         fewer than than N Supporters of that intent.
>      3. The action is to be performed with N Agoran Consent, and the
>         number of Supporters of the intent is less than or equal to N
>         times the number of Objectors to the intent.
>      The above notwithstanding, if an action depends on objections, and
>      an objection to an intent to perform it has been withdrawn within
>      the past 24 hours, then Agora is not Satisfied with that intent.
>      The above notwithstanding, Agora is not satisfied with an intent
>      if the Speaker has objected to it in the last 48 hours.
>      A person CANNOT support or object to an announcement of intent
>      before the intent is announced, or after e has withdrawn the same
>      type of response.
> --
> D. Margaux

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