> https://faculty.washington.edu/kerim/nomic/cases/?2149
> https://faculty.washington.edu/kerim/nomic/cases/?2150
> These two judgements distinguish speech acts as being treated
> differently than other types of terms-of-art.

That landing-on-the-moon judgement was about landing on the moon using
announcement as a method. If we say that Raising a Banner only causes
a win if it's done by announcement (similar to Ørjan's claim that
Declaring Apathy only works if it's done by the "without objection"
method), then I guess that settles it. If the rule said "when a player
Raises a Banner, they win the game", I suppose that would lean on your
other point, that Agorans tend to say such things refer to regulated
terms of art?

That's a nice point that supporting and objection are not regulated actions.

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