> Enact a Rule, "Line-item Veto", with the following text:
>        The Comptrollor is an imposed office.  When the office is vacant,
>        the ADoP CAN, by announcement, set the Comptrollor to a player
>        chosen at random from the set of current Officers, excepting any
>        player who was most recently the Comptrollor.  The ADoP SHALL do
>        so in a timely fashion after the office becomes vacant.
>        When the Comptrollor office has been held for the same player for
>        30 days, it becomes vacant.
>        A Notice of Veto is a body of text, published by the Comptrollor,
>        clearly, directly, and without obfuscation labelled within the
>        publishing message as being a Notice of Veto.
>        When a Comptrollor publishes a Notice of Veto, the office of
>        Comptrollor becomes vacant.
>        If the text of a Notice of Veto clearly indicates certain
>        provisions within specified Proposals as being vetoed, and the
>        voting period for a decision to adopt the proposal is ongoing
>        when the Notice is published, then the provisions are vetoed.
>        For the purposes of this Rule, each individual change specified
>        within a proposal's text is a "provision".
>        Vetoed provisions in a proposal are prohibited from being applied
>        when the proposal takes effect (that is, that part of the
>        proposal's effect CANNOT be applied).

One danger (especially if the Comptrollor is also the Assessor) is
that the Comptroller could sneak in a veto right before the end of the
voting period. Is that intentional? I'm not sure if this is meant to
shake things up or to let us patch buggy proposals at the last minute.

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