I hate to point this out after the distribution, but if I'm correct in my
reading, this does not actually amend the rule. After this passes, won't
intents still be broken?


On Wed, Feb 27, 2019, 18:34 D. Margaux <dmargaux...@gmail.com wrote:

> Pursuant to the Living Zombie contract, I hereby cause ATMunn to issue the
> Cabinet Order of Manifesto to distribute the below proposal, initiating the
> Agoran Decision of whether to adopt it, and removing it from the proposal
> pool. For this decision, the vote collector is the Assessor, the quorum is
> 5, the voting method is AI-majority, and the valid options are FOR and
> AGAINST (PRESENT is also a valid vote, as are conditional votes).
> Proposal ID: 8164
> Title: Correction to Agoran Satisfaction, Version 2.4
> Author: Falsifian
> Co-authors: ais523, D. Margaux, G., twg
> Adoption Index: 3.1
> Text:
> The gamestate, excluding the rules, is changed to what it would have
> been if the text of the following amendment to Rule 2124 had determined
> whether Agora was Satisfied with any intents attempted after Proposal
> 7815, rather than the text of what Rule 2124 was at that time. To the
> extent allowed by the rules, this change is designated as a convergence.
> Rule 2124 is amended by replacing its text with the following:
>      A Supporter of an intent to perform an action is an eligible
>      entity who has publicly posted (and not withdrawn) support (syn.
>      "consent") for an announcement of that intent. An Objector to an
>      intent to perform an action is an eligible entity who has publicly
>      posted (and not withdrawn) an objection to the announcement of
>      that intent.
>      The entities eligible to support or object to an intent to perform
>      an action are, by default, all players, subject to modification by
>      the document authorizing the dependent action. However, the
>      previous sentence notwithstanding, the initiator of the intent is
>      not eligible to support it.
>      Agora is Satisfied with an intent to perform a specific action
>      unless at least one of the following is true:
>      1. The action is to be performed Without N Objections, and there
>         are at least N Objectors to that intent.
>      2. The action is to be performed With N support, and there are
>         fewer than than N Supporters of that intent.
>      3. The action is to be performed with N Agoran Consent, and the
>         number of Supporters of the intent is less than or equal to N
>         times the number of Objectors to the intent.
>      The above notwithstanding, if an action depends on objections, and
>      an objection to an intent to perform it has been withdrawn within
>      the past 24 hours, then Agora is not Satisfied with that intent.
>      The above notwithstanding, Agora is not satisfied with an intent
>      if the Speaker has objected to it in the last 48 hours.
>      A person CANNOT support or object to an announcement of intent
>      before the intent is announced, or after e has withdrawn the same
>      type of response.
> --
> D. Margaux

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