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It might, however, be a good idea to close off even this theoretical
possibility via some sort of global expungement mechanism (e.g.
reintroduce Solitude as a victory condition and have it do a global
expunge during the cleanup).

Going way back, my favorite method for this was for the criminals to Rebel:

Rule 1664/20 (Power=2)

      A Rebellious player may Call for a Revolt at any time by
      publicly announcing e does so. A Call for Revolt is only
      effective if no other Call for Revolt has been made that week
      and no successful Revolt has occurred for a month or more.

      As soon as possible after an effective Call for Revolt has been
      posted, the Registrar must determine whether the Revolt
      succeeds, as outlined below, and publicly announce the result.

      The Registrar shall select a random integer from 1 to the number
      of players (plus 1 if Miscreant is Borne). If this number is
      less than or equal to the number of Rebellious players (plus
      1 if Miscreant is Borne by a Rebellious player), then the
      Revolt succeeds; otherwise it fails. All numbers used in this
      calculation are determined at the time of the Call for Revolt.

      If a Revolt succeeds, then the following events occur in order:

         - The Registrar shall expunge the Blots of each Rebellious
         - The Registrar shall pay out 8 Stems to each Rebellious
         - The GWotO shall remove all Abiding Oligarchs from the
         - Each Abiding player that is the Electee to an Office is
           retired from that Office.
         - All Rebellious players become Abiding again
         - The Registrar shall levy a 75% Indulgence tax.  For this
           levy, the Bearor of the Patent Title "Robespierre" is
         - A Speaker Transition occurs
         - Any Indulgence Auction in progress is cancelled

      If a Revolt does not succeed, then:

         - All Rebellious players gain 2 Blots.
         - The player who Called for Revolt gains 2 (additional) Blots

      The effects of a Call for Revolt shall be based on the Political
      Status, Oligarchy membership, and Indulgence holdings of players
      at the time of the Call.

      The Registrar shall notify the Herald of all Blots gained or
      expunged as a result of this Rule.

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