> Indeed, but I thought I'd point it out so that people were aware.
> In general, rule 1698 triggers should be avoided as much as possible.
> The problem is that it (intentionally) defeats Agora's existing
> mechanisms for ensuring that we know what the gamestate is; it's better
> to have an unknown but playable gamestate, than a known but ossified
> gamestate. However, when it does trigger, it can take a lot of effort
> to figure out what the resulting gamestate is.

That makes sense! Glad my understanding of the rule is correct. The
everyone-has-blots scenario is interesting.

> On another note, whose idea was it to put rule 1698 as the second rule
> in the Ruleset? That was really clever, as it manages to serve as a
> fundamental "protection of Agora" rule, and an explanation to new
> players as to what the game is all about, at the same time.

It is nice!

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