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>> On Mar 7, 2019, at 7:15 PM, Timon Walshe-Grey <m...@timon.red> wrote:
>> You've missed an important point which will be elaborated on in my judgement 
>> of CFJ 3723. ATMunn did SPOOKILY distribute Proposal 8164, but it was 
>> nevertheless in the proposal pool when Aris redistributed it just now. I 
>> know this seems bizarre but please bear with me.
> I would be grateful for the chance to comment on a proto judgement before it 
> is finalized, since I am afraid i don’t yet see how this could be true.

To elaborate:

Under Rule 1607/44, “Initiating such a decision [whether to adopt a proposal] 
is known as distribution, and removes the proposal from the Proposal Pool.” And 
under Rule 2451, by issuing a Manifesto “The Prime Minister distributes a 
specified proposal in the Proposal Pool.”

“Distributing” a proposal by Manifesto necessarily removes it from the proposal 
pool under the definition of “distribution” set forth in Rule 1607. 

So if ATMunn distributed it, it’s not in the pool. 

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