Welcome to the game!

Just doing a reply works. The one thing to remember is that by default your
reply will go to agora-discussion. If you want to reply to the same list as
the previous email for some reason, make sure you change the address.
Failing to change the adress is in fact such a common mistake that we have
standard abbreviations for pointing out the mistake (“NttPF”, for Not to
the Public Forum) and for addressing it (“TTttPF”, for This Time to the
Public Forum; used accompanying a reply to the misdirected version, where
the reply is addressed to where the original should have been sent).

Just to make this clear, here’s an example of how the abbreviations work:
Player A sends an email to agora-business.
Player B sends an reply, but accidentally sends it to agora-discussion even
though the reply contains a game action.
Player C sends a reply, which says “NttPF”, to Player B’s message, in order
to point out the mistake.
Player B sends a reply, which says “TTttPF”, to Player C’s message, setting
the recipient to agora-business.

You’re likely to see these sooner or later, and it can be kind of confusing
if you don’t know what’s going on.


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> Bernie is fine. Also, how do I reply to you? I just pressed the reply
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> > Welcome, again.
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> > What would you like others to refer to you as? Is "Bernie" okay?
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