> In a timely fashion from what?  Probably from when the auction ends
> (automatically), not from the announcement.  So this means you should
> have paid, and broke the SHALL by not paying, and the announcement doesn't
> affect that at all.  But maybe that's wrong.
> And if you pay now, do you get the zombie?  Dunno.  In the last paragraph,
> in "When e does so", is the "does so" referring to (SHALL pay) or (SHALL pay
> [...] in a timely fashion)?  I think the latter which means you wouldn't
> be able to pay now?
> That's not really ideal...

The last event described in that rule before the sentence with "in a
timely fashion" is the announcer announcing the end of the Auction. So
I could argue "in a timely fashion" is after that happened.

I did conditionally pay for Tarhalindur on March 16 (14:31 UTC). Is it
in a timely fashion if I do it before the event? If the event never

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