> Here are the hypotheticals and my answers:

These all make sense to me, though I haven't dug too deeply.

I noticed a few things while researching whether ratification can in
some sense "change the past". I'll post separately about that,
although it looks like the CFJ won't depend on it.

>  (Incidentally, are the rules clear about when voting strength is determined? 
> At the time of end of voting period or time of assessment?)

I was thinking about this the other day. I think it's time of
assessment, based on my interpretation below, though my interpretation
could be wrong.

* A player's voting strength is a legal fiction that varies over time,
much like ownership or switch values.

* Rule 955 describes how to calculate the outcome of a decision. The
calculation depends on voting strength, so the result of the
calculation depends on when you do it.

* Rule 955 says "The outcome of a decision is determined when it is
resolved". I think that means we should do the calculation at that
time. I don't see anything to say the voting strength at the time the
vote was cast plays. any role.

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