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<ais...@alumni.bham.ac.uk> wrote:
> Translated to English, this states that the email should not be
> considered valid if the Subject fail was modified in transit. Of
> course, the Subject of the email actually was modified (by the list
> software, inserting the BAK:), so the message fails to verify. The
> cryptography behind DKIM can't detect that a message is "almost right",
> it's just a simple pass/fail (in particular, the recipients can't
> distinguish an entirely forged email from an email that's correct apart
> from the subject line).

I think I've seen some mailing lists rewrite every message as being
"from" some email address under the list's control, which I'm guessing
would fix the DMARC issue. Are there significant disadvantages to
that? I guess it makes it tricky to figure out how to reply in
private; is there some way to work around that via a reply-to address
that wouldn't also make it tricky to reply to the list?

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