On Wed., Jun. 5, 2019, 21:03 James Cook, <jc...@cs.berkeley.edu> wrote:

> > Sure, it would fix the DMARC issue, but it would also make it very hard
> to
> > tell at a glance who sent which message. Modern mailers have a lot of
> > features for that, but they’re all based around the from line.
> I just checked the way Discourse does it (or did it in October 2018).
> I see for example an email from "Marcos Benevides
> <nix...@discoursemail.com>", where the nix...@discoursemail.com is the
> same for all senders.
> With that method you could see the name at a glance, but it might be
> tricky to tell exactly which email address it was sent from, which is
> probably bad. But maybe it could be configured to say "Jon Doe
> (john...@webmail.com) <agora-em...@agoranomic.org>".

(I'm not suggesting we use Discourse, just that maybe similar options are
available with the current software.)


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