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The below CFJ is 3764.  I assign it to D. Margaux.

===============================  CFJ 3764  ===============================

        If a proposal purporting to register nch was adopted now, then one
        second later, e would be bound by the rules.


Caller:                        Murphy

Judge:                         D. Margaux



Called by Murphy:                                 28 Jul 2019 19:03:42
Assigned to D. Margaux:                           [now]


Judged FALSE. NCH voluntarily deregistered less than 30 days ago. Under
Rule 849, if a player does that, then "e CANNOT register or be registered
for 30 days." In my opinion, a proposal "purporting to register nch" would
constitute an attempt to have nch "be registered" less than 30 days after
his voluntary deregistration. That attempt necessarily fails under Rule

If it's False, it's False because of an interaction with the Power system, or because I had not consented (which was the original question's intent I think). Even if this is the right judgment it should be reconsidered to include those lines of inquiry.

Nich Evans

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