On 8/4/19 2:57 AM, James Cook wrote:
I submit myself to the Agoran Gods! I submit the following rule to the


I dedicate this rule to ARCAS.

Every new rule must be dedicated to exactly one Agoran God, called the
rule's Patron God. The Patron God must have been mentioned in a previous
contest message.

The validity requirements added by rules after this apply only to rules
dedicated to a different Patron God. (For example, if a rule dedicated
to the LORD said that new rules must rhyme, that requirement would only
apply to rules not dedicated to the LORD.)


I praise the LORD. I thank ARCAS, god of the very land we live on. I

Clever, but does this work? If each future rule does not incorporate this provision, then a rule that violates a future rule (even if the same Patron God) would still be "inconsistent" with the rule that it is violating, which would make it invalid.

Jason Cobb

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