On 8/4/2019 10:17 AM, Jason Cobb wrote:
So, if I'm correct, this may be a fairly serious bug, but only if people do what I did and don't put the date in their self-ratifying reports.

I think that if a report fails to state when it is true, then when it is self-ratified, it becomes true at the time that it is ratified, rather than at the time that it was published.

Take, for example, my old Astronomor report (now fixed). If that were allowed to self-ratify (at least the asset reports and switch reports), then since it didn't specify when it was true, then under the first paragraph of Rule 1551, it would change the gamestate to be true _as of the time it ratified_.

This would nuke everything between the time that the report was published and the time that it ratified, and could possibly cause inconsistencies between the rules and the gamestate (if the rules had changed since then), which Rule 1551 explicitly prohibits.

Does this look right to everyone else?

In R1551:
                       the gamestate is modified to what it would be if,
      at the time the ratified document was published ...

(later it says "if" the document has a different time then the publication
date, use that instead.  otherwise, the publication date is used).

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