On 8/4/19 2:53 PM, Reuben Staley wrote:
This rule is dedicated to INTERCAL, the most esoteric of all the gods.

Fie on thee, 0x44, thou fugitive!

To each new fantasy rule, please allow  a file to be attached, which file
shall contain the ASCII art of exactly one animal which shall be sacrificed.

I praise the LORD, first and foremost in our Pantheon. I give thanks to
ARCAS, king of Arcadia. I bow before THE AGORAN SPIRIT OF THE GAME. I make
myself more lowly than the HONOURLESS WORM, the overlooked. I surrender my
mind to INTERCAL, the insane. I type messages of reference to ASCIIUS,
without whom no form or order could descend upon computing.


Sorry, I just want to make sure that attachments work (I'm sure that they do, but just to be safe).

Also, you can see that I've been very creative with my animal.

Jason Cobb

I do hereby sacrifice this worm to the AGORAN GODS, praise be to them:

|   |   |   |

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