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> > 2. Variety. Contributions that move things in a new direction shall be
> >    rewarded. Contributions that merely repeat things that have come
> >    before shall be punished. Remember that there are three distinct goals 
> > for
> >    the contest; pursuing one that has been long abandoned by your fellow
> >    worshipers is likely to please the gods.
> Colud Your Supreme Eminence remind me of the three goals? My goal as
> always is to please the AGORAN GODS in any way I can, but I see just
> two ways to win listed in Regulation 7.

I meant the three in the first paragraph: "to worship, in proper form,
the Agoran Gods; to appropriately punish those Heretics and
Blasphemers who show them disrespect; and to maintain their Rites and

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