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[Please don't kill me for this one. I think this is a valid question.]

I CFJ: "The base value of the Crime of Endorsing Forgery is 2."



Excerpt from Rule 2202:

   Such ratification or announcement of intent to ratify is the Class-8
   Crime of Endorsing Forgery.

Excerpt from Rule 2557:

   - If the violation is described by the rules as a Class N crime,
   then N is the base value; otherwise the base value is 2.




Although Rule 2202 clearly intends to make the Crime of Endorsing Forgery have a base value of 8, I don't believe its language actually does so. The Rules do not describe the Crime of Endorsing Forgery as a "Class N crime" (where N is some number), they instead describe it as a "Class-8 Crime" (with the hyphen). I argue that this does not fit the pattern specified by Rule 2557, so the base value takes on its default of 2.


I don't think there's a lot of basis for this one. Punctuation marks are generally considered not important in the rules when they contradict common sense readings.

Nich Evans

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