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> On Thu, 2019-08-08 at 16:24 -0700, Kerim Aydin wrote:
>> I award Falsifian the Patent Title Champion.
>> I award Jason Cobb the Patent Title Champion (once).
>> (I'm sure these are fine, but I'll wait just a little longer in case
>> someone wants to question the other 98).
> Arguably the text of rule 649 only allows you to award one copy of the
> patent title within the week after the player wins.
> Being authorised twice to award a patent title once doesn't strike me
> as having any different game effect from being authorised once to award
> a patent title once, and the time window is the same in each case.

Oh - interesting!

Other than how it's listed in the Scroll, the only, practical knock-on
effect I see is whether staggered Champion awards extend the time window for earning an Ultraviolet - which matters for Transparent, even if the player
gets the Ultraviolet from the 1st champion.

Jason Cobb is trying to get a Transparent Ribbon right now so this might
come up.


If I write you a check for $50, then you are allowed to ask your bank to transfer $50 out of my account and into yours. You couldn't ask them to do it 20 times and end up getting $1000 from me. So, that check once authorizes you to take $50 out of my account.

But, if I were to write you two checks for $50 and date them the same, each check is authorization to once take $50 out of my account. The fact that they are dated the same doesn't matter, each check is a separate authorization to perform an action once. Therefore, you are permitted to perform the action twice.

I would argue that a similar logic applies here. Rule 2449 reads:

       When the Rules state that a person or persons win the game, those
       persons win the game; specifically they win the Round that ends
       with the indicated win. Agora itself does not end and the ruleset
       remains unchanged. The Herald is then authorized to award those
       persons the Patent Title of Champion once, by announcement.
Each win was a separate event (even if they happened at the same time). Rule 2449 then, for each win, authorizes the Herald to once award the winner the Patent Title Champion.

Jason Cobb

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