Take care Aris, I've found over time that sometimes Agora is a good
way to occupy my mind for my health, but sometimes a person just needs
a darned break, too.  Even if the tournament stops right here the
entries have been quite enjoyable, so thank you for running it.  -G.

On Sat, Aug 10, 2019 at 8:47 PM Aris Merchant
<thoughtsoflifeandligh...@gmail.com> wrote:
> This is entire message is OOC.
> I'm not doing very well. I've been having both physical health problems and
> fairly serious mental health problems, in addition to a bunch of real life
> responsibilities (TBH, I'm not sure I can even get to all of those at the
> moment). I'd like to remain judge, and am planning to try to fulfill my
> responsibilities. If I can't though, I don't want the contest to die just
> because I'm no longer able to judge it. This amendment to the regulations 
> would
> give me a way to stop that from happening if the need arises. I'm sorry to
> everyone for letting you down.
> I intend, Without 3 Objections, to amend the Birthday Tournament regulations 
> by
> adding the following regulation:
> 15. The Judge may with 3 Support, appoint a specified player as judge, 
> provided
>     that player consents. Upon doing so, the former Judge is no longer Judge,
>     and the new Judge assumes all powers and responsibilities of being judge
>     and ceases being a contestant, if e was one.

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