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> On Sat, Aug 10, 2019 at 12:46 PM Aris Merchant
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> > This is entire message is OOC.
> >
> > I'm not doing very well. I've been having both physical health problems and
> > fairly serious mental health problems, in addition to a bunch of real life
> > responsibilities (TBH, I'm not sure I can even get to all of those at the
> > moment). I'd like to remain judge, and am planning to try to fulfill my
> > responsibilities. If I can't though, I don't want the contest to die just
> > because I'm no longer able to judge it. This amendment to the regulations 
> > would
> > give me a way to stop that from happening if the need arises. I'm sorry to
> > everyone for letting you down.
> >
> > I intend, Without 3 Objections, to amend the Birthday Tournament 
> > regulations by
> > adding the following regulation:
> >
> > 15. The Judge may with 3 Support, appoint a specified player as judge, 
> > provided
> >     that player consents. Upon doing so, the former Judge is no longer 
> > Judge,
> >     and the new Judge assumes all powers and responsibilities of being judge
> >     and ceases being a contestant, if e was one.
> I do so. Volunteers?
> Pontifical Decree #3
> The Gods note that the previously existent tournament regulations did not
> anticipate a situation where there mortal representative would be unable to
> interpret their will for an extended period of time. Given that this situation
> was unanticipated, and out of their regard for the fair treatment of their
> worshipers, they do hereby direct that the tournament be suspended until
> their priesthood may otherwise direct and that the elimination period be
> tolled, retroactively, from its inception to 48 hours after the end of
> the period of suspension.
> -Aris

Sorry, I don't think I can do it this week, but I would be honoured to
serve the Gods next week if such service is still needed.

Note, in case it's useful: but for the mercy in Your Supreme
Eminence's latest pontifical decree, I believe the contest would have
been over, with everyone but Jason Cobb eliminated.

Heretical Timeline, which we may shun, as it ignores Your divine and
wisely retroactive Pontifical Decree #3:
* August 11: the last time anyone other than Jason Cobb submitted a rule.
* August 13: elimination period begins.
* August 15: everyone but Jason Cobb eliminated

- Falsifian

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