On 9/10/19 9:43 AM, Kerim Aydin wrote:
I really *do* like the idea of different sectors with different "performance
values" with currency speculation between them, and the event-constrained
random walk governing the various values (i.e. something semi-predictable so an attentive player can trade on the probabilities), if there's a way to get
at a similar idea without the recordkeeping overhead.

That's a completely understandable sentiment. How about a simpler system something like:

The value of participation decreases if one or more Agoran decisions initiated in the last month was resolved as FAILED QUORUM. It increases otherwise.

Justice works the same, but with overdue cases.

Efficiency changes based on some stats about filled offices.

This requires far less overhead with regard to math and tracking, though it is less intriguing.


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