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> On 9/12/19 12:15 PM, James Cook wrote:> What if, instead of these
> balancing rules, each interest group does a
> > stock (cheque) buy-back every quarter, and the only way to cash in a
> > cheque between quarters is to sell it to another player?
> >
> > Specifically:
> >
> > * Make cheques of each interest group a currency so players can exchange
> them.
> >
> > * At the start of each quarter, every interest group does a cheque
> > buy-back. It works like this. I'll use Efficiency as the example.
> >   * Efficiency earns 50 Coins.
> >   * Each player can declare sell offers. E.g. I offer to cell 3
> > efficiency cheques for 5 Coins each, and an additional 2 efficiency
> > cheques for 10 Coins each.
> >   * After the offer period is over, Efficiency spends its 50 Coins to
> > buy as many cheques as possible, starting with the lowest sell offers
> > and working its way up.
> This is a really interesting system. In theory, it could provide a nice
> diversion for the players, and it would allow the people to have more
> say in what they think cheques are actually worth. I am having trouble
> comprehending optimal strategies already.
> > Benefits:
> > * Self-balancing: We still have the property that if officers slack
> > off, then efficiency cheques are worth more, simply because fewer will
> > be issued.
> > * Nobody needs to explicitly keep track of how many reports were missed.
> > * We can have fun speculating about prices and selling cheques to each
> other.
> >
> > Other interest groups:
> >
> > If Justice also gets 50 Coins per quarter, that would mean judging a
> > CFJ is more lucrative if fewer are being called. If we don't like that
> > we could grant Justice a number of Coins depending on the total number
> > of CFJs called, which shouldn't be too hard to figure out.
> I do like the idea of having the amount of coins each interest group
> gets to give based on some factor, but that might be a bad idea because
> then cheques might be valued at about the same every quarter.
> All in all, I do really like this. It's definitely more in the
> 'minigame' territory than C&B version 1, which makes the whole thing
> less Aris-friendly. Participation in the economy would be absolutely
> essential. What if we have a flat cash-in rate for cheques that anyone
> can utilize any time? It would be more beginner-friendly. Bearing in
> mind that we can issue a larger number of cheques, this might just be 1
> coin, and we could give out 5 efficiency cheques per report, etc.

I’m opposed to the entire notion anyway, so please don’t try to make things
less minigamish to make me happy. It won’t work at that, and you’ll likely
end up with a suboptimal system, and then we’ll all be unhappy.



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