There's been some comments lately on the degree of difficulty of some
offices, notably Treasuror, and it's definitely of note that twg proposed
to maintain the Glitter rewards in eir report.

But it strikes me as odd that the rewards are largely the province of
individual players, since it puts a lot of burden on the players to track
all the goings-on and in some cases (such as Glitter) do the officers' jobs
as well. And then it also puts the burden on the Treasuror to repeat this
work to confirm that the awards are in fact valid.

How would people feel about changing to a model where rewards are primarily
awarded by officers in response to certain events? E.g. the Assessor would
give proposal rewards, the Tailor Glitter rewards, the CotC judging rewards.

In the past, Agora has often taken an extremely pragmatic approach, where
the officers in question would be given the power to make such awards even
if they were incorrect, with penalties for officers who abuse their
position and possibly mechanisms to undo them. What are others' thoughts on
moving towards this model?


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