On Fri, 2020-02-14 at 18:02 +0100, sukil via agora-discussion wrote:
> Hi,
> For some reason, any agora-* conversation (tested with my register 
> message, a random one coming from agora-official and another one coming 
> from this list) includes a reply-to header which points to this list, 
> and excludes any other agora-* list. This means that I should always 
> "reply to list" instead of "reply to sender only", even though both are 
> the same address (but the sender address gets overwritten by the 
> reply-to header), because if I fail to do so the message will be sent to 
> this list (that was what happened yesterday). Is this intentional?
> (Just in case somebody is seeing list logs (not archives), sorry for 
> attempting to send messages twice, I tend to forget to select this alias 
> and the list duly complains.).

Normally, replies to a list don't want to go back to that same list
anyway. For example, proposal distributions go to agora-official, but
discussion of them should go to agora-discussion and votes on them
should go to agora-business.

We've had the reply-to set to agora-discussion for ages, because
discussing a message is the most common sort of "reply" to it. In
particular, a reply-to of agora-official is almost certainly incorrect
because it's very rare to send replies to that list (unless an officer
is correcting a mistake in a report). You could make more of an
argument for agora-business, but in general there's less potential
damage from posts going to -discussion by mistake than there is from
posts going to -business by mistake.


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