I award Alexis a gray ribbon.

Date of this report: Thu 13 Oct 16
Date of last report: Sat 20 Aug 16

This is a list of all persons owning Ribbons, detailing which ribbons
they possess:

ais523              OG  MUV P WKY
Alexis                C       W Y
aranea             ROGCBM V PLW Y
Bede                    M     W
G.                 ROGCBM   PLW Y
Gaelan                  M       Y
Murphy                C         Y
nichdel               C M       Y
omd                   C  UV    KY
scshunt            RO CBMU  P  KY
stadjer                       W
Sprocklem               M     W Y
Tekneek                 M
Tiger                  BM
the Warrigal            M

The rules for Ribbons are set out in rule 2438. A quick guide to how
most Ribbons work: various events cause you to "earn" a Ribbon; you
then "qualify for" that Ribbon for 7 days. While you qualify for a
Ribbon (and do not already own that Ribbon, and have not owned it
recently), any player can "award" you that Ribbon. A few Ribbons
work differently; see rule 2438 for details.

Approximate summary of how each type of Ribbon can be gained:
+Red          Author a proposal that is adopted, amending a Power-3+rule
+Orange       Author a proposal that is unanimously adopted
+Green        Hold an elected office for 30 days with no late duties
+Cyan         Deputise for an office
+Blue         Judge a CFJ without violating time limits to do so
+Magenta      Acknowldge Agora's Birthday
+Ultraviolet  Become Champion (typically by winning the game)
+Violet       Gain a Patent Title (except Champion, degrees)
+Indigo       Gain a degree
+Platinum     Become the Speaker
+Lime         Coauthor three adopted proposals within 7 days
+White        Never have had a White Ribbon, or be gifted one by someone
              who has never gifted a White Ribbon
+blacK        Awardable only by proposal or scam
+GraY         Awarded monthly at the Tailor's discretion

History of Ribbon holdings:
14/11/04  aranea          +W (new to Ribbons)
14/11/04  aranea          +C (deputising for Tailor)
14/11/06  Sprocklem       +W (new to Ribbons)
14/11/09  omd             +C (deputising for King Azaz)
14/11/14  scshunt         +C (deputising for Herald)
15/01/07  G.              +C (deputising for Referee)
15/04/17  stadjer         +W (new to Ribbons)
15/05/01  aranea          +R (Proposal 7736)
15/05/01  aranea          +O (Proposal 7735)
15/05/01  aranea          +L (Proposal 7735-37)
15/05/01  G.              +R (Proposal 7734)
15/05/01  G.              +O (Proposal 7738)
15/05/01  G.              +L (Proposal 7734,38,39)
15/05/01  G.              +P (appointed Speaker)
15/05/12  ais523          +O (Proposal 7742)
15/05/12  aranea          +P (appointed Speaker)
15/05/13  aranea          +G (as Tailor)
15/05/22  G.              +B (CFJ 3448)
15/05/23  scshunt         +B (CFJ 3447)
15/05/24  G.              +W (gifted by aranea)
15/06/09  ais523          +G (as Prime Minister)
15/06/29  scshunt         +M
15/06/29  aranea          +M
15/06/29  ais523          +M
15/06/29  the Warrigal    +M
15/06/29  Sprocklem       +M
15/06/29  Tiger           +M
15/06/29  G.              +M
15/06/29  Bede            +M
15/06/30  Gaelan          +M
15/06/30  aranea          +Y
15/06/30  scshunt         +O (Proposal 7753)
15/07/10  G.              +G (as Arbitor)
15/07/12  aranea          +V (Unchampion)
15/07/26  scshunt         +Y
15/07/28  aranea          +B (CFJ 3449)
15/08/03  ais523          +V (Silver Quill 2015/07)
15/08/10  Tiger           +B (CFJ 3451)
15/08/11  omd             +K (by Proposal 7784)
15/08/11  ais523          +K (by Proposal 7784)
15/08/11  scshunt         +K (by Proposal 7784)
15/08/11  scshunt         +R (Proposal 7772)
15/08/11  scshunt         +P
15/08/17  omd             +Y
15/08/21  ais523          +U
15/08/21  omd             +U
15/08/21  scshunt         +U
15/09/30  Gaelan          +Y
15/10/08  Bede            +W (new to Ribbons)
15/10/21  G.              +Y
15/11/27  Murphy          +C (deputising for Secretary)
15/11/28  ais523          +P
15/11/29  Murphy          +Y
16/02/21  Sprocklem       +Y
16/06/26  nichdel         +C (deputising for Registrar)
16/06/30  Tekneek         +M
16/06/30  nichdel         +M
16/07/14  nichdel         +Y
16/08/01  omd             +V (Distributor)
16/08/20  ais523          +Y
----- time of last report -----
16/09/15  Alexis          +W (new to Ribbons)
16/09/15  ais523          +W (by Alexis)
16/10/13  Alexis          +C (deputising for Referee)
16/10/13  Alexis          +Y
----- future events -----

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