(Reportor's Weekly Report for 13-Feb-2018)


Winning by Team has existed a couple times in the history of Agora.  Once
was around 1999 (Rule 1875-1880, by Vlad).  Scoring was by Points for various
events, and players could create teams to get team points.  Both individual
and team wins were POSSIBLE.  This Reportor does not have any records of
this gameplay.

The second Team period was 2003-2004.  During this period, it was IMPOSSIBLE
to win individually - only Team Wins were recognized.  During this period,
every Player was randomly assigned to a team (no choice).  Points were 
awarded both to individuals and teams for various typical Agoran activities
(votes, proposals, etc.).  When a Team reached a set score, the Team won.
Following a win, there was a "drafting" period to keep teams balanced, e.g.
the highest scorer on the winning team switched places with the lowest 
scorer on the losing team.

The Team Wins was not an unqualified success. As always, Agora has a mix
of active and inactive players.  The dynamics were such that, if a team
happened to have 3 of 5 members being active ones, it did much better than
a team with 2 of 5 actives.  Like school group assignments, the good
performers tended to be dragged down by their apathetic teammates.  The
system only lasted a year.

On the other hand, when there were 2-3 team members actively striving for
a mutual goal, it provided a natural framework for "team scams and 
conspiracies" for points.

Since Teams could not hold Patent Titles or have permanent recognition,
no records of winning from this time period are recorded.  The exception
is the Patent Title Admiral - Teams could select Captains, and the Captain
of a winning team would earn that title.

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