I put the Zombie omd up for auction (i.e. I initiate this auction).

For the above auction, the following information *might* need to be 
specified.  If so:
- Each is auctioning a single lot for ability to set this zombie's
  Master switch to be the winner (somewhat uncertain what is being
  "won" by the general auction rules).
- The Registrar is the Auctioneer and Announcer (perhaps, this may
  or may not be defined for Zombie auctions).
- Currency is shinies (definitely, all rules agree).
- Minimum bid *might* be 1 shiny (R1885 might conflict with
  R2546-2552 on this).

As Assessor, I pledge not to resolve the Decision to adopt Proposal 8014 
(Putting Agora on a Map v7) until 24 hours after the above auction ends 
(or later).

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