I publish the following report. No cards or changes in pledges have been
made since the last report. Intents have been declared but they're just
declarations of intent, not actual change of these variables yet.


TL;DR: Nothing new so far.

---------------* ---------------

Recent events:

Fri, 17 Nov 2017: Corona made a pledge. Sun, 19 Nov 2017: Aris withdrew 18
Mon, 20 Nov 2017: Red Card issued by Summary Judgement to V.J. Rada for
breaking R2491
Tue, 21 Nov 2017: OscarMeyr made a pledge (yes, non-players can own them)
Tue, 21 Nov 2017: Green Card issued by Summary Judgement to 天火狐
for Tardiness

----Previous Report----

4 Feb 2017 Cuddlebeam Pointed a Finger at themselves for existing. Found
8 Feb 2017 Cuddlebeam is issued a Red Card by Summary Judgement for not
Treating Agora Right.
9 Feb 2017 Cuddlebeam Pointed a Finger at G for impersonating good faith
for the purpose of a personal agenda. Red Card issued.
12 Feb 2017 Telnaoir Pointed a Finger at themselves for abuse of power.
Blue Card issued.
1 March 2017 G. Pink Slips themselves from Referee via Summary Judgement.

----Time of Last Report----

(Nothing of note has happened)

Green Cards:
Player       On             Reason
P.S.S.[1]    May 16, 2017   Tardiness
P.S.S.[1]    May 20, 2017   Ambiguity
Murphy       Jun 22, 2017   Faking
Gaelan       Jun 23, 2017   Tardiness
Gaelan       Jun 23, 2017   Tardiness
o            Jul 11, 2017   Tardiness
V.J Rada     Jul 14, 2017   Making My Eyes Bleed
o            Jul 18, 2017   Tardiness
o            Jul 29, 2017   Tardiness
Gaelan       Jul 29, 2017   Late Judgement
o            Sep  4, 2017   Rule 2498
Quazie       Sep  7, 2017   Rule 2201
天火狐        Sep 12, 2017   No reason
o            Sep 12, 2017   Rule 2426
o            Sep 12, 2017   Rule 2478
V.J Rada     Sep 15, 2017   Rule 2496
nichdel      Sep 20, 2017   Rule 2450
o            Sep 20, 2017   Rule 2478
o            Sep 22, 2017   Rule 2426
V.J Rada     Sep 24, 2017   Rule 2143
CuddleBeam   Sep 26, 2017   No reason
CuddleBeam   Sep 26, 2017   No reason
o            Sep 26, 2017   Rule 2426
P.S.S.[1]    Sep 27, 2017   Rule 2143
V.J Rada     Oct  3, 2017   Rule 2471
o            Oct  4, 2017   Rule 2479
Aris         Oct 11, 2017   Rule 2143
o            Oct 11, 2017   Rule 2456
o            Oct 11, 2017   Rule 2456
o            Oct 24, 2017   Tardiness
V.J. Rada    Oct 24, 2017   No Finger Response
V.J. Rada    Oct 24, 2017   No Finger Response
o            Oct 31, 2017   R2156 Lateness
天火狐        Nov 21, 2017:  Tardiness

[1] Named, in full, Publius Scribonius Scholasticus.

Blue Cards

Player        On             Reason            Fine
ATMunn        Nov 6, 2017    Quorum Not Stated {2sh}
Alexis        Nov 6, 2017    Quorum Not Stated {2sh}

Fines in {} indicate no Fine Levied. Fines in [] indicate Fine Levied,
but not paid

Yellow Cards:

Player        Until          Reason       Apology Words
Quazie       (Apr 26, 2017)  Bankruptcy
o            (Apr 22, 2017)  Tardiness
o            (Jul 15, 2017)  Tardiness
o            (Jul 15, 2017)  Tardiness
CuddleBeam    Jul 16, 2017   Tardiness
P.S.S.[1]     Sep 15, 2017   Rule 2143
o            (Aug 23, 2017)  Rule 2491
Quazie       (Sep 13, 2017)  Rule 2450
V.J Rada     (Sep 15, 2017)  Being bad
Gaelan        Nov 24, 2017   Tardiness
Nichdel       Dec  6, 2017   PCI[2]        [3]

[1] Named, in full, Publius Scribonius Scholasticus.
[2] Pledge Called In
[3] nichdel's apology words are: "I, will, not, break, any, pledges,
or, be, untimely, sorry."
Dates in () indicate completed apology.

Red Cards:

Player       On             Reason
Cuddlebeam   Jul 21, 2017   Faking
V.J. Rada    Nov 20, 2017   R2491
Cuddlebeam   Feb 8, 2017    Not Treating Agora Right
G.           Feb 9, 2017    Impersonating good faith

Pink Slips:

Player   On             Office       Reason
Gaelan   May 22, 2017   Rulekeepor   Forgery
G.       March 1, 2017  Referee      Negligence


Quazie -
I pledge to give 1 Shiny to the first person who can,
correctly, with e-mail citations, explain what I did wrong on
Jan 20th 2009 that has since led to me being a fugitive. For
the explanation to be valid for this pledge, it should be fully
self contained, I should not have to go look up past rules in
order to understand the explanation (So please, include all
source info in the explanation).

V.J Rada -
I pledge not to make any thread titles completely unrelated to
the email's content, nor use any agency or other mechanism to
attempt to gain control of any player at the exclusion of all
other players.

Gaelan (14 Sep 2017) -
I pledge to, for at least the next month, vote AGAINST any
proposal that amends rules by providing new text in full unless
the text of the rule is nearly entirely changed.

nichdel -
I pledge to vote AGAINST on all proposals created or pended by
Cuddle Beam.

nichdel -
I pledge to Object to all intentions by Cuddle Beam that I can
object to.

nichdel -
I pledge to give a trust token and 5 shinies (as soon as
possible) to any other player who also performs the above three
pledges, except Cuddle Beam.

nichdel -
I pledge to not refer to 天火狐 as Josh or Josh T.

Publius Scribonius Scholasticus -
I too pledge to not refer to 天火狐 as Josh or Josh T.

Publius Scribonius Scholasticus -
I...pledge to fix the margins, if the issue is explained to me.

Publius Scribonius Scholasticus -
I pledge to deputize for the rulekeepor on October 19, 2017, if it is
still possible.

G. (referring to CFJ 3575)-
I pledge that, if the below CFJ is found TRUE and survives
the Reconsideration/Moot time frame, I will transfer 41
Shinies to Agora as unofficial payment for this (and
no other purpose).

G. -
I pledge to act on exactly one of the above intents (assuming at leastone
receives the appropriate Consent),
using the ratio of Support/Object
as a guide to the appropriate one, with ties or mixed consensus broken
in favor of the higher degree.
[Referee's note: This pledge refers to intents in the message listed

Cuddlebeam -
I pledge to hook people up in a reasonable amount of time, according
to the message above, during what's left of the current month and

[Referee's note: This pledge refers to the message listed
business at agoranomic.org/msg30230.html]

V.J. Rada -
I pledge to give a win and a black ribbon to everyone who votes for
"hopefully you guys all vote for this" if that passes.

ATMunn -
I pledge to either pend or withdraw the below proposal before the
beginning of the next Agoran week.

o - (Nov 7, '17)
I pledge to pay 5 sh. to the first person to publicly identify the
specific bug I fixed in the Surveyor’s report this week, provided
their answer includes either the word, some synonym for the word, or
some observation related to the word, whose sha256 hash is
e2c2bf1fdea49d1d90f7e17ac158016862f213b42f88b760aee47f697205d83a, and
that I will disclose the word as part of the reward if it is collected.

o -
I pledge to distribute the payment in a timely fashion if the CFJ
finds that CuddleBeam’s payment did, in fact, occur.

[Referee's note: e's referring to a payment made by Cuddlebeam in
accordance with the rule "Poetry Duel Challenge Writ", which is the
subject of a currently unnassigned CFJ. I would appreciate it if you
guys created pledges with the context included in them.]

Trigon -
I pledge that if I do not win the election for Rulekeepor, I will put
myself up as a candidate for this election.

[Referee's note: E's referring to the Fearmongor election on 6 Nov 2017]

V.J. Rada -
I pledge to, weekly, if I am Referee, publish a document called
"Pledges you should withdraw", listing pledges that have already been
completed or are impossible.

V.J. Rada -
I pledge not to point any fingers

Alexis -
I pledge to transfer 5 shinies to the author of the first proposal that
gives the Rulekeepor authority, under Cleanup Time, to additionally
correct, at least: missing periods at the end of sentences, inconsistently
spelled game terminology, and pronoun use (including inappropriate use of
Spivak pronouns in plural contexts).

Corona -

I also pledge not to use such pretentious words in the future.

OscarMeyr -
If nominated[Referee's note: for Herald?], I pledge not to qualify.

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