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Jurnal Manajemen dan Bisnis (MABIS) is an accredited national journal (SK Dikti 
No: 51/Dikti/Kep/2010, July 5th, 2010). The editorial board of the scientific 
journal invites authors and experts in the field of Management and Business. 
The major objective of the publication is the improvement of existing and 
development of new practices of management field and further
dissemination of research by enabling young researchers, and practitioners to 
present their findings and share their experiences. We are going to be a bridge 
between theories and practices in management and business.
The participation of the well-known international and national experts in the 
reviewer board is a guarantee of the sustainability and quality of the 
publications as a contribution to the development of management research on the 
national and international scale. MABIS will be published regularly by two 
times a year (March and September) and contained ten empirical researches, 
preferably in English. This will make it possible to introduce the latest 
findings to pratitioners and academicians. The choice of languages is English, 
and Indonesia, contributes to the free discourse among authors and readers. The 
journal will be interesting both to academics and practitioners. The journal is 
aimed at researchers, lecturers, students of educational institutions, 

Paper submission addrees is:
EC.Building 1st floor
Faculty of Business and Economics, Universitas Surabaya
Jl. Raya Kali Rungkut, Surabaya 60293
Phone. +62 031 298-1139; 298-1199
Fax. +62 031 298-1239; 298 1131
Email: /

General Instruction to Author:
1. Paper is original and not yet published on other scientific publication.
2. Paper should be submitted within three month before March or September.
3. Paper must be an empirical paper (prefer) or normative research in 
management and
business field. Especially for Normative paper, the author should include their
proposition and plan for further study.
4. Reviewed process is blind-reviewed by peer group review.
5. Submission Fee: IDR 250,000; non-refundable
6. Publication Fee: IDR 500,000

Ketua Editor
Putu Anom Mahadwartha
easy finance: as easy as finance;
Department of Management, Faculty of Business and Economics
Universitas Surabaya  
Phone: +62 031 298-1139/298-1199
Fax: +62 031 298-1239/298-1131


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