Hi Alok

Just to bring to your attention, there is a security challenge in this approach.
CAPTCHA is essentially used to fight against Bots and to prevent them from 
guess the CAPTCHA.
As I see, you have the words placed in Alt text. It is not a big deal to read 
the alt dext fromDocument object and convert the numbers in words back to 

Check it out.


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In one of my recent software development works I created a CAPTCHA that is 
accessible for screen readers using the following approach.

1.       Generate a random 5 digit number.

2.       Generate an image containing the embedded 5 digit number. Image is 
programmatically generated and is  not an image that could be downloaded. 5 
digit number is communicated to the captcha generating code using encryption.

3.       Convert the complete 5 digit number in English words, including the 
words thousand and hundred.

4.       Assign the converted number in words as the alternate text of the 
image dynamically. This would allow the screen readers to read out the number 
in words, while  other users will see regular image.

5.       Track the random number as a session variable for later comparison.

I am writing this for following two reasons.

1.       This approach seems to be working for me. Want to know if anyone sees 
any issue in this either in usability or security.

2.       If anyone doing software development is interested in implementing 
this, I can share the code off the list.



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