Dear all,
Recently I have started using NVDA extensively on account of problems
created by Jaws.
However, I face some problems in using the same in some applications.
e.g. In Gmail when I go to reply any mail NVDA reads reply, reply to
all, forward at a stretch making it difficult to select one of these
options. In Jaws ins. f7 lists only links whereas in NVDA it lists all
elements. Is there any command to list only the links. Alternatively
is it possible to select  one option among these  and in what way?
Further in ms word in save dialog box while using Jaws if we go to
desktop split button and press down arrow we can easly select
locations such as computer and in shell folder view one can go to a
particular drive. In NVDA it seems this is not the case. Is there any
easy way to go to a particular drive to save a document?
C. B. Kulkarni

Mobile +918080742446 Land line : 0251  2482633
skype ID: chandrashekhar.b.kulkarni
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