Dear friends,

Recently, I had launched a discussion on the list about the accessibility of
news apps like NDTV and TOI, which got closed after quite a short time.

Yesterday, I checked to see if things had improved in NDTV's most recent
update, and I had a great surprise! For the first time in the History of me
using the app, it was completely accessible and easy to navigate!

I have a feeling that one of you here sent them feedback about the bugs
encountered, and it is because of this that this great miracle may have
occurred. Whoever sent it, whether on AI or not, I would like to express my
gratitude and thanks to whoever sent this valuable feedback, in the course
of which another service to humanity and millions of I Device-using visually
impaired news-seekers across the world was done.

I am extremely proud to be a member of this mailing list where we get to
share our experiences and know those of others, however irrelevant some of
them might be to a high school student with RP due to prematurity like me,
such as those about job positions for the VI and college scribes, and an
ongoing debate about the curing of RP at a certain institute.

Thank you AI, for this celebration of people from all walks of life who can
connect with eachother!

Best wishes and regards,


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